About Us

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IoT, Visitor Management, Access Control, and Video Management System

TEKWAVE is a Cloud Company offering blended manpower & technology solutions. We embrace the world of self-service and the automation of data.

TEKControl boasts a suite of solutions in our Cloud platform that address manned and unmanned environments, allowing our users to replace the cost of labor with technology-assisted, self-service, and automated solutions that include messages, alert notifications, powerful workflows, configurable rules engine, and task management features ensure critical jobs functions are completed on schedule. With and emphasis on gate access, access control, visitor management, and license plate recognition, TEKWave is a leading standard in the security technology industry.

All of the above can be monitored from a UL-certified central station and dispatch local authorities when necessary.

Our Story

Started in 2010, TEKWave Solutions entered the security industry utilizing blackberry phones paired with plastic docks to capture the patrols of security officers. TEKWave has since created a wide-sweeping security technology platform that keeps everything from homes to oil refineries safe and secure. With large scale partnerships and direct customers, TEKWave spans the globe with a footprint in every state and a presence in over 20 countries world-wide. We are headquartered in Atlanta and have software instances in Chicago, Sacramento, Hong Kong, and Dubai. Contact us today to learn more!

Our Core Values

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Critical Thinking