Commercial Solution

TEKWave’s Commercial Visitor Management system allows for visitor scheduling, processing, tracking, and
verification with ease and simplicity. Monitor and control traffic flow in and out of your campus or facility from


Improve Security

  • Screen and validate visitors and contractors

  • Produce credentials for visitors (i.e. passes/badges)

  • Process vehicles with multiple passengers


Improve Efficiency

  • User Friendly Interface accelerates visitor processing

  • Employee profile with out of town entries, recurring visitors, and event management.

  • Automatic Notification of Arrivals (Optional Site Level)

TEKWave E-Pass.png

Self Service

  • Pre-registration enables easy visitor flow during busy times

  • E-pass and QR codes allow visitor entry without assistance

  • Touchless entry for worry-free egress

Lobby Kiosk.png

Visitor Kiosk

  • Allow visitors to admit themselves

  • Capture quick and easy information

  • Allow profile pictures to be taken and signatures to be captured 

  • "Terms and conditions policy"​ of the clients choosing

  • Allocate human capital at more needed areas

  • Optimizes and streamlines visitor management


  • Maintain remote access to unattended gates or doors

    • After-hours deliveries​

    • Unmanned entries

  • Employee directory for easy universal remote entry

  • Visitor E-pass and QR code allows complete self-service entry

  • Remote visitor management enables visitors to contact an operating center for assisted processing

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