Time Lapse Videos

With TEKWave Solution’s Time Lapse videos you can take a construction job and turn it into a stamp of approval. Our video cameras will be set-up on-site for remote view, recorded history, and progress report capabilities. Through our video portal, you can view a site to see the progress of the project any time, see past progress, or let our software do the analyzations for you. Email or texts can be sent automatically with progress pictures. Time-lapse videos can also be seen for the whole project, or portions of the project, to condense months of work into an easy to view demonstration of your construction.


  • Progress reports allow you to stay informed
  • Time-lapse videos are valuable tools for marketing and demonstration
  • Security and monitoring can be used for sensitive equipment or areas
  • View all live view or recorded history from any mobile device or computer anywhere in the world



Want to know more?
Download our Time Lapse Videos one sheet