Remote Guard Tours

TEKWave Solution’s Remote Guard Tours takes traditional guarding rounds and adds our video platform for easy and effective patrolling. Our platform offers the ability for a monitoring station to access the camera streams and view each panel for an allotted amount of time. The monitoring station can then take pictures of each camera at the time of the tour and store them in our system. The monitoring station can also have action items based on the activity during the remote guard tours. Our software can also send out notifications based on pre-configured criteria and parameters to alert you, the authorities, or the manager on-site to any and all incidents that are occurring.


  • Effectively “patrol” all areas of your facility at all times
  • Reduce overall cost
  • Client portal lets you monitor live view, recorded history, and tour statistics
  • Incident auto-generation and history



Want to know more?
Download our Remote Guard Tours one sheet