By replacing traditional paper reporting and logbooks at security sites with a robust communication and management system, TEKControl effectively enhances your security program. The TEKControl suite boasts a unique and powerful platform that is hardware independent, carrier independent and more feature rich than any other on the market today!

Security Access Control
With TEKWave’s visitor management software, paper logs become a thing of the past. Our soluton provides communities, commercial buildings and distribution centers with a greater level of security. Real-time reporting lets you see who’s currently on-site and who’s been on-site.
Residential Visitor Management
Commercial Visitor Management
Logistics Visitor Management
Stand-Alone Physical Access Control

Data Collection and Management through our custom rules engine and IoT environment enables a robust notifications and KPI analytic platform. Configure our rules engine to send notification based on certain parameters or criteria to always be alerted of an exception. Utilize our KPI analytics solution to maps trends, spot errors, and tailor your operations to increase efficiency and cut costs.
Mobile Data Collection
Sensor Data Collection
Web Data Collection

Data Collection

TEKWave’s Inspections software enhances the level of oversight, assessment, and follow up within a facility. Covering everything from water treatment facilities to jewelry stores, TEKWave offers the ability to show real time inspections records, record follow up repairs and track work flow, and use video enabled software to complete inspections remotely.
Automated Inspections Systems
Building Inspections
Custom Forms

TEKWave’s Video Services and Remote Monitoring offer innovative solutions for the ever evolving security world. Our complete platform allows you to completely monitor your site through one log in. Whether its sensors, video monitoring, central station monitoring, event based analytics, and incident management integration.
Event Based Monitoring
Remote Guard Tours
Time Lapse Videos

Video Services