Utilities, Oil, Chemical, Gas

TEKControl works closely with clients in the industry to keep their workforces safe, improve their environmental performance and streamline the collection, reporting and tracking of key organizational data. Whether you are involved with electricity transmission, generation or distribution, TEKControl has a software solution that will work for you.  TEKControl clients use our software to track and report on incidents, spill and release data, nonconformance, audits, safety meetings, permits and a host of other essential information.

Compliance in the Electricity Industry
Whether it is EPA requirements, ISO standards, OHSAS or NERC compliance, TEKControl software can ensure the accuracy and efficiency of maintaining compliance for your organization.

EPA Requirements
TEKControl allows you to collect, store and track your air emissions, waste and wastewater discharge and other metrics that you require to comply with EPA regulations. You’ll have instant access to your environmental metrics, reports and associated documents to easily illustrate compliance to auditors and investigators.

OHSAS Standards Requirements
Using TEKControl to manage your OHSAS requirements takes the worry out of collecting, tracking and reporting on all elements of this set of management standards. Easily enter and access all of your OHSAS information through a centralized, web based portal.

ISO Standards
Each of our Environmental, Quality and Safety Management software systems allow you to easily store and report on all of your ISO related tasks, activities and documents. Whether you actively seek certification or follow the standards as part of best-in-class management, TEKControl can ensure all of the related information is stored in a centralized, easily accessible location and available at the click of a mouse.