Transportation, Distribution, Logistics

The transportation and logistics industry has changed greatly over the past 20 years, making it one of the most dynamic industries in the world. With this change, a greater demand for regulation and standardization has arisen. The supply chain network, throughout the United States, has become highly integrated with many modes of transportation. These modes of transportation, which include air and express delivery services, freight rail, maritime transport, and truck transport, require many tailored solutions that ensure the movement of goods throughout the entire supply chain network. Not only do these solutions cover each mode of transport, but they also encompass each supply chain network segment into the framework of compliance and regulatory standards. These standards include, but are not limited to, quality control, security management, environmental regulations, licensing and permits, registrations and certifications, and inspections.
TEKControl helps with the standardization process in many ways. The main advantage is the mobile e-forms library that helps with the many regulatory compliance procedures and requirements in the transportation and logistics industry. TEKControl’s mobile platform can be used virtually anywhere to access the security database. The convenient incoming and outgoing tracking system assists in following the logistics process from any computer or phone, while also allowing the user to manage incoming visitors by scanning driver’s licenses, capturing signatures, and attaching photos to the visitor’s profile or to truck inspections. Not only do these functions make the logistics and transportation process faster and easier for anyone to complete, but also lower the overall costs, and make the information more accurate and increase protection. This process helps maintain security while meeting the requirements and validating the procedures of compliance, which is a feature TEKControl performs more efficiently and completely than most competing companies and their products. The distribution and logistics industry is full of compliance and management challenges. Maintaining security while meeting compliance regulations and validating procedures across the supply chain is crucial! Companies can no longer afford to waste time on inefficient paper processes. TEKControl Distribution provides a simple, streamlined solution that increases efficiency, increases security and reduces costs.


TEKControl Distribution Features:

  • Mobile Platform
    • Multi-Platform Compatible
      • Android
      • iPhone
      • BlackBerry
      • Windows Mobile
    • Multi-Carrier Compatible
      • AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, Verizon, etc.
  • In/Out Tracking
    • Scan Driver’s Licenses
    • Capture Pertinent Information
      • Tractor #
      • Trailer #
      • Seal #
      • Carrier
      • Cargo
    • Capture Signatures
    • Attach Photos
    • Customized Forms Available
  • Web Portal for Reporting
    • Reports
    • Audits
    • Live Incident Data
    • Historical Metrics for Trending
  • Advantages
    • Paperless
      • Decrease cost
      • Real-Time communication
      • Searchable databases with accurate, legible reports
      • Decrease administrative time
    • Real-Time Reports and Notifications
      • Increase efficiency
    • Driver’s License Scanning
      • Faster and more accurate processing
    • Photographs Attached to Inspections
      • add an extra layer of protection
    • Real-Time Validation of Inspection

TEKControl Distribution

  • Increased Efficiency
  • Increased Security
  • Better Reports
  • Paperless/Green Initiative
  • Standardized Procedures & Best Practices
  • Increased Quality of Service
  • Lower Management Costs