Food Services, Cold Chain

Food Safety Management System

Configured to address the requirements of ISO 22000, HACCP, & SQF regulations as well as the FDA’s Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA), the TEKControl Food Safety Management System provides a complete solution that ensures the highest level of food safety and food quality while providing 100% traceability across your entire supply chain.
The TEKControl Food Safety Management System is a completely web-based solution and supports the tracking, evaluation and benchmarking of metrics at the individual facility level, business unit level right up to the organization-wide level. Standardize and automate procedures across your organization and gain real-time, 360-degree visibility into your food safety and food quality performance with this user-friendly software system.
Key Components and Functionality

  • Reporting and Tracking of Nonconformance and Product Defects
    Easily record nonconformance and product defects from your warehouse, production facility, or any location into a centralized repository. Identify and track trends using built-in real-time reports and dashboards.
  • Corrective & Preventive Action Management
    Assign corrective and preventive actions (CAPA) to individuals and track completion progress over time. Nonconformance triggers automated CAPA forms to ensure every issue is addressed, followed up with and corrected.
  • Supplier Nonconformance Tracking
    Record, track and trend all nonconformance from suppliers across your entire supply chain and employ a complete lifecycle approach to your supplier relationship management.
  • Supplier Rating & Inspection
    Collect and record performance data from each of your suppliers in order to evaluate, measure, inspect and monitor their performance. Easily identify problematic vs. top performing suppliers and mitigate issues to save your business time and money.
  • Product Holds Management
    Manage the storage and distribution of time sensitive product that has been placed on hold in order to reduce loss of product and revenue due to expiration.
  • Document Control
    Maintain a centralized, audit-ready repository of all documents used across your organization that is easily accessible to employees at all locations. Word documents, policies, SOPs, packaging designs and any other document your organization uses can all be uploaded and retrieved with one click.
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  • Training Management
    Schedule, track and report on training, competence, licensing, certifications and qualifications for individual employees, contractors or workgroups and maintain an accessible, audit-ready record of all corporate training data.
  • Audits Management
    Develop or import auditing checklists and assign audits to facilities and specific audit teams. Manage all aspects of both internal and external audit programs from planning, to nonconformance identification, to corrective action follow up, ensuring year-round audit preparedness.
  • Management of Change
    Identify, manage and track all aspects of the change management process from start to finish. Facilitate a calculated and streamlined approach to change and mitigate lost time and revenue.