TEKWave Solutions is the industry leader in providing technology for the physical security field.
With products and services ranging from location based data captured from mobile and frequency emitting devices (FED’s) to integrated security officer management tools to monitoring and access control. TEKWave Solutions is providing corporations and security firms around the world with the necessary tools to provide the utmost security.
TEKWave Solutions’ flagship product, TEKControl, delivers location and data captured from Smart Phones, Tablets and other (FED’s) in real time, plots the real time coordinates against a static or dynamic map of interest while allowing security personnel to complete tour checklists, enter incidents, daily activity logs and send and receive real time messages and alerts.

TEKWave Solutions: Enhancing Security Through Technology.
The new millennium has brought forward an increasing requirement for various security solutions. Security controls for physical space are established to protect privacy, people and assets. Security solutions for physical space can range from traditional video cameras and access control systems to biometric access systems and security officers with very sophisticated technology.
TEKWave Solutions offers a comprehensive collection of tools and services ranging from Blackberry applications for security officers with incident reporting and security tour checklists to camera integrations with video analytics and Geofencing to electronic access control systems.